Schemes of Work

We know that planning schemes of work is a laborious and time consuming job for busy teachers, which is why we have created ready-to-use schemes made up of 31 units for Primary schools and 12 units for Secondary schools. You can view the full list of units here.

Units include lots of teaching and learning ideas, links to useful resources, learning outcomes and assessment guidance and suggestions. Each unit offers on average eight hours of classroom ideas.

RE Today created these units of work to support its syllabus model A, currently in use in a number of local authorities. However, they offer a resource to support you in teaching RE wherever you are in the country, even if your syllabus is not an RE Today model.

Our Schemes of Work are a resource offering a range of ideas for your classroom. They do not supersede your agreed syllabus.

Check out our handy guide to planning with RE Today units of work to support you in deciding whether these schemes will work for you and your school.

Sample units


1-2 Unit Exploration Planner Who is a Muslim Final SAMPLE

L2-4 Unit Exploration Planner Why do people pray Final SAMPLE


3-12 Is religion a power for peace or a cause of conflict in the world today SAMPLE

Order now!

Our Schemes of work are available to order now, and are supplied via email within 3 working days.

You can save weeks of planning time and gain over a years worth of lesson ideas* with our full schemes, that work out at only £15 per unit.

Click here to download your order form, and email it to

*based on avg. 8 hours of lesson ideas per unit, and avg. of 1 hour of RE teaching time per week.

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