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Investigating non-religious Worldviews

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Investigating non-religious Worldviews

Investigating non-religious Worldviews

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Author: Stephen Pett

This is the first book in a new series, Investigating Worldviews. It reflects the current interest in a worldviews approach, emphasising lived experience, contexts, and the relationship between individual and organised worldviews. The series will weave together ways of engaging with the substantive content, in relation to the personal worldviews of students. It will build on the previous series, Challenging Knowledge in RE, by incorporating some of its disciplinary approaches and research models. It will seek to generate original source material to illustrate the reality of lived religious and non-religious experience in the UK and beyond.

  • Infographics giving essential data on the extent and nature of non-religion in the UK
  • Responses from teenagers about the main influences on their worldviews, and on the idea of life after death
  • Case studies on humanism, including an introduction to Humanists UK
  • Portraits and interviews on ‘unbelief’ by Aubrey Wade
  • A case study of a non-religious funeral celebrant
  • Research on paranormal and supernatural beliefs among the actively non-religious
  • An examination of sentientism as a non-religious worldview

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Previous series

The Challenging Knowledge in RE series supports knowledge development as set out in Ofsted’s RE research review, including substantive content, ways of knowing and personal knowledge. The series is also edited by Stephen Pett.

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