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Science and Belief

Science and Belief

Science & Belief: the Big Issues is a rich resource focusing on the major questions and controversies covering science and beliefs through 12 video programmes. These are presented by Professor Russell Stannard, Emeritus Professor of Physics at the Open University and licensed lay minister in the Church of England.

Topics included in the films:

• Creationism
• Intelligent Design
• The Galileo trial
• Miracles
• The Anthropic Principle
• Freud
• Jung
• Memes
• Extra-terrestrial intelligence.

Watch the Science and Belief programmes here.

The video programmes are also available in DVD format. To buy this online for just £5 visit our webshop.

The programmes are supported by two sets of discussion notes:

For School discussion groups:
Lat Blaylock of RE Today Services has written the set for teachers to assist discussion and also follow on activity for exam level secondary school students.

For Church discussion groups:
Professor Russell Stannard has written a set that provide starters for discussion for each of the episodes along with general notes on using the videos with adult groups.

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