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Our publications include:

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  • publications on a range of curriculum issues
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  • Professional REflection
  • British Journal of Religious Education
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Theme: RE and Research

In this issue:

  • ‘Dear England’ – Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell is interviewed, and gives his response to pupils’ own classwork inspired by his letter to the nation
  • 30+ active RE lesson ideas for 4–19s using research
  • Professional REflection: academic research applied to the RE classroom
  • Prince of Egypt: Y3 pupils interview Luke Brady, star of the West End musical, plus lots of other great ideas around the story of Moses for 5-14s
  • Buddhism and tolerance: the way of the Buddha, with suggestions for class discussion
  • Inside a faith: a Muslim, Christian, Humanist, Buddhist and Hindu provide their perspectives on how their religions and worldviews can be authentically represented in RE
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