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Theme: Pilgrims and journeys

In this issue:

  • Power of hope, power of faith’ –a speech by former Prime Minister Gordon Brown:the inaugural Methodist Justice Lecture of June 2021,with student responses from 14 to17-year-olds
  • Interview with Jewish philanthropist, Sir Trevor Pears
  • ShiaMuslim Pilgrimages: journeys of the heart
  • 1000 years ofpilgrimage to Walsingham - ‘England’s Nazareth’
  • Hindu journeys in your classroom, and lots of ideas for ‘virtual trips’
  • Teachers share their experiences-a SEND specialist workingin Amritsar; and significant visits to Makkah,Israel, Lourdes, Skanda Vale Ashram and Sarajevo (inc the Srebrenica Genocide Memorial)
  • Inside a faith: six people of different faiths and non-religious worldview provide their perspectives on the theme of pilgrimage and life journey
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