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Improving Religious Education in Hertfordshire - Amazing CPD offer to all Hertfordshire Primary schools. Hertfordshire SACRE is delighted to offer some fantastic CPD that will improve the teaching and learning of Christianity in the Agreed syllabus.

Understanding Christianity is a high quality, ambitious resource designed to offer
pupils key concepts and vocabulary. The pedagogy builds on these concepts in
each key stage. It is carefully sequenced to enable pupils to progress in their
learning and know more and remember more about Christianity in a coherent and
systematic way as they revisit material in greater depth each year.
How will it benefit schools in Hertfordshire?

The Hertfordshire Agreed syllabus is written so that is it possible to use
Understanding Christianity units as an integral part of it. Accessing the training will
• An introduction to the pedagogy, including visual resources that enable pupils
to understand the key concepts in greater depth.
• Access to detailed lesson planning with a feast of creative teaching ideas
• Access to extensive classroom-ready photocopiable resources
Independent research has shown that teachers receiving the CPD have better
subject knowledge, feel more confident and create better learning outcomes for

What is the CPD offer, and how much?

Thanks to grant funding we are offering Hertfordshire schools a subsidy on the cost
of a training course if you are a community school. For £60 (instead of the usual
£210) you will have access to:
• 3 Half Day training sessions to build teachers subject knowledge and
• The full resource – hard copy and digital – to enable it to be taught from
EYFS to Year 6. The resource comes with classroom ready materials to
stretch pupils.

What do teachers say about it?

“Fantastic. I have to say having received the training and resource pack there
are so many ideas and so many materials that you can pick up and use – it has
just been fantastic as a resource.” (Teacher, Community Primary School)

“Teachers who have embraced it and children who are doing it, absolutely love
it.” RE Subject Leader, School, Community Primary School

Training is led by Adam Robertson, national adviser with RE Today. He was a
Primary teacher for 14 years, until Summer 2021, and has used this resource in
school with pupils since it was created.

How do I book the training?

Training is being offered online on the following dates. Teachers will need to attend
all of the dates to fully access materials.

  • Thursday 19th May 2022 1-4pm
  • Thursday 14th July 2022 1-4 pm
  • Thursday 6th October 2022 1-4pm


*For the purposes of this subsidy, we define a community school as a school or academy that does not receive influence (financial or operational) from any religious organisation such as the Church of England. A good indicator is, if your school has Church/CofE (or equivalent) in the name, you will not be eligible for this subsidy.

Support your Agreed Syllabus: One excellent resource to support teaching about Christianity: Text Impact Connections.

Many locally agreed syllabuses include requirements for teaching Christianity that are directly supported by this resource.This resource supports good quality teaching about Christianity and can be used within the requirements of your syllabus guidelines.

What resources do you get with the training?

  • a teacher’s Handbook: Text Impact connections.
  • 22 detailed units of work for primary – 20 of them match the primary units from the Agreed Syllabus.
  • over 100 pages of photocopiable resources.
  • a wall frieze showing the ‘big story’ of the Bible, to back up the units
  • full online access to the resource – available to use within your school.

The Training Package

  • To receive this extensive resource pack, you need to attend training.
  • Following recommendations from the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring
    Monitoring and the Teacher Development Trust that effective training should be intense and sustained, the expectation is that teachers in primary schools will have at least 10 hours of CPD on Understanding Christianity. There will be gaps between encounters when schools will try out the approach, returning to explore further.

Online training events

  • Schools will need to attend all modules modules.
  • Each session will include setting teachers a ‘ gap task task’, trialling an aspect of the resource in school.
  • Feedback and discussion on these ‘gap tasks’ will be included in each session, so that teachers can share ideas and learn from each others’ experiences experiences.

Booking: Please complete the booking form below. Once you have registered a confirmation email will be sent to you. You will receive joining instructions within 7 days of the date of the training. We hope you are able to join in!

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For the purposes of receiving a subsidy to the Understanding Christianity course, we define a community school as a school or academy that does not receive influence (financial or operational) from any religious organisation such as the Church of England. A good indicator is, if your school has Church/CofE (or equivalent) in the name, you will not be eligible for this subsidy.*

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