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Understanding Christianity for Primary - now online!

We are excited to announce that with a click of a button, you are now able to roll out this substantial resource with RE Today Learning Zone!

You can now use our NEW self-study eLearning platform for enriching your teaching resources and professional development opportunities, share with your whole staff team with ease, all without having to leave your classroom.

Course Benefits:

  • Refresh Your Knowledge: If you’re already familiar with Understanding Christianity, this course offers an opportunity to deepen your understanding and refresh your teaching strategies.
  • New Staff Members:Bring new team members up to speed with Understanding Christianity quickly and efficiently.
  • Curriculum Alignment:If Understanding Christianity is part of your Agreed Syllabus, this course is tailored for you.

£150 subsidy for community schools! A reminder that you can pay just £60!*

Course Expectations:

  • Accessible Modules: Get 15 hours of training broken down into 6 progressive modules followed by quality tutorials, quizzes and interactive activities.
  • Downloadable Materials: Over 100 pages of resources to support your teaching.
  • Flexible Learning:Study at your own pace, fitting the course around your busy schedule.
  • Enhanced Teaching Skills:Gain valuable insights and strategies to elevate your teaching practice.
  • Additional Resources:Explore supplementary materials, including books and publications, to enhance your lessons.


*For the purposes of this subsidy, we define a community school as a school or academy that does not receive influence (financial or operational) from any religious organisation such as the Church of England. A good indicator is, if your school has Church/CofE (or equivalent) in the name, you will not be eligible for this subsidy.

Subject Knowledge Webinars

Get a full breadth of RE subject knowledge for religious and non-religious worldviews, also accessible on the RE Today eLearning Zone.

In response to Ofsted's recommendation for teachers to access high-quality subject knowledge training, we know that many teachers may feel under-confident when teaching RE and feel they lack sufficient subject knowledge. In response to this, Primary and Secondary teachers can now access recordings for a series of webinars covering the UK's major religious and non-religious worldviews.


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