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Book a visitor to enrich and enliven your RE lessons!

eachers in primary schools across the London Borough of Tower Hamlets can book an Ambassador of Faith and Belief (AFaB) to visit classes and talk about aspects of religions and worldviews. All AFaBs are sixth form students from across the borough who have been trained to give presentations and hold Q&A sessions in primary classrooms. Presentations available range from Holy Places in Islam to Do you need G-d to be Good? This initiative is provided by Tower Hamlets, working in collaboration with RE Today.

Would your primary school like a to book a visit?

1) Choose the presentation that you would like to book from the list below
2) the following information:

- In the subject line please include the title of the topic you have chosen
-.Full name of the primary school teacher booking the AFaB
- Full address of school
- Contact telephone number
- The time and date that you would like to book the AFaB

3) RE Today will verify your request and put you in contact with the AFaB to arrange your visit.

Presentation on Atheism

Do you need God to be good?

This presentation is about how we learn what is right and wrong in life – be it from religious or non-religious sources. I will be talking about how I work out my ethics and morals from an Atheist perspective.

★ What exactly does it mean to be “good”?
★ How do we learn right from wrong?
★ Similarities between Atheist values and religious values
★ What are the reasons to be “good” if you don’t have a religion?
★ Challenges we face to being “good” and how they help me learn right from wrong

Wednesdays 14:30-15:30
Thursdays 13:45-15:30
Fridays 11:00-13:00

Presentations on Christianity

My Sacred Sacraments

My presentation covers all seven Sacraments in the Catholic Church (Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage etc), their meaning and processes. It also looks at similar practices in other religions. I also go into detail about my personal experience when receiving some of the Sacraments to help children’s enjoyment and understanding of the presentation. Quizzes are also incorporated throughout my presentation.

★ Fun facts about me (Brief description about who I am)
★ What is a Sacrament? (definitions/ explanation of all the Sacraments)
★ Quick quiz
★ Similar practices in other religions (Judaism, Sikhism and in Islam)
★ Quick quiz
★ My personal experience in taking the Sacraments (Baptism, Holy Communion and Confirmation)
★ Final Quiz

Week 1:
Monday (13:30-15:00 week one)
Friday (11:00-13:00 week one)

Special Places in Christianity

I am a Christian AFaB. I am a middle child of three girls. At the moment, I am studying English Literature, Drama and Music for my A levels.

My presentation covers the important places in Christianity along with my personal experience and examples. It will be very interesting to the children because I touch upon religions other than my own and have a variety of stories to tell! The main sections in my presentation are:

★ What is Christianity
★ Buddhism (because my dad was a Buddhist)
★ Holy places in other religions
★ My Church (including Hail Mary in English and Vietnamese)
★ My sacraments so far at my Church
★ Lourdes
★ History Of Lourdes
★ Kintbury (St Cassian’s )
★ My personal Experience
★ Quiz

Thursdays 13:30-15:00

Presentations on Islam

Holy places in Islam

My presentation is on the Holy Places of Islam. I will talk about several places of worship that most Muslims visit when they can. I have lots and lots of stories of the Prophets to share and can explain how these places have become Holy for Muslims. I absolutely love working with children due to the way they show interest and the honestly they portray. I include mini quizzes throughout my presentation which will keep the children on their toes. I have also planned many activities which the children can complete.

★ A title page
★ About me
★ Different holy places in different religions
★ The first holy place of Islam
★ Mini quizzes
★ Different mosques around the world
★ The revelation of the Qur’an
★ A knowledge test
★ A question and answer page

I will also bring in several artefacts that will allow the children to engage with the presentation and I will hand each one around so they can have a feel of it. One of my artefacts is a dragon. (I LOVE dragons!!).

Wednesday, (11-15.15 week one of our two-week timetable)
Thursday, (9.00-13.00 every week)

Diversity in Islam

My presentation explores the great diversity that can be found in Islam. It looks at Sunni, Shia and Sufi Muslims and other types of diversity too, such as cultural. The presentation also includes aspects of diversity within other religions. My presentation also includes mini video clips, suitable and appropriate for children, and a short quiz at the end.

★ Who Am I?
★ Different Types of Muslims
★ One slide on different types of Christians
★ One slide on different types of Buddhists
★ Similarities between Muslims
★ Differences between Muslims

Week 1:
Tuesday 9.00-10:30
Thursday 9.00-10:30

Week 2:
Tuesday 9.00-10:30
Wednesday 14.00-15.00

The Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)

In my presentation I will talk about Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) and his story/journey towards establishing Islam as a world religion. I will also make links to how the life of Prophet Muhammad affects my life as a Muslim today. I will help the children to understand the moral and spiritual messages that can be learnt from the Prophet’s story. Within this presentation I will also introduce some other prophets of Islam and talk about their significance in other Abrahamic religions.

★ About me (self-description)
★ The Prophet Muhammed’s journey (mentions his wife Khadijah as a role model in Islam and the Hijrah)
★ Messages the prophets taught and how they relate to good behaviour
★ A quiz to see what the children learnt
★ Other Prophets in Islam and how they appear in other holy books across the Abrahamic religions (Judaism and Christianity)

Week one:
Tuesday 9:30-11.00
Wednesday 14.00-15:30
Thursday 9:30-10:15
Friday 9:30-10:15

Week two:
Tuesday 14.00-15.30
Thursday 14.00-15.30
Friday 14.00-15.30

Festivals in Islam

Nishat(not available till the 21st June)
This presentation explores the two main festivals in Islam and also festivals in other religions. I have made my presentation interactive by adding quizzes, videos and have also included similarities between Islam and other religions.

★ Who am I? ( brief description about myself)
★ Brief explanation on Ramadan
★ Description of fasting in Christianity
★ Eid al-fitr
★ Eid al-adha
★ Description of Christmas
★ Description of Passover- Judaism
★ Test your knowledge

Monday- 13:00-15:10
Tuesday- 11:00- 12:40
Wednesday- 9:00- 10:40
Thursday- 9:00- 10:40
Friday- 9:00-10:40, 13:00- 15:10

Muslims’ 5 a Day (focusing on prayer in Islam)

My presentation seeks to explore the basic elements of Muslim prayer, and how I carry out these practices in my life. This presentation includes 2-3 activities: a match-up activity, identifying the similarities & differences and a mini quiz!

★ Why do I pray?
★ The call to prayer- Adhan
★ When do I pray?
★ The Night Journey
★ Preparing for prayer- ablution
★ How do I pray?
★ Different types of prayers in Islam
★ Comparing Muslim prayer with Christian prayer and Hindu prayer

Thursdays (9:00-10:15)
Fridays (9:00-10:15)

Modern Muslims

My presentation consists of the basic ideology of Islam and what it means to me. Throughout my presentation I emphasis how modern Muslims live life in today’s society. We face hardships and struggles but Muslims overcome this. We also experience deep joys and celebrate these times. I will include a variety of examples that exemplify these experiences. In my presentation not only do I speak about my faith in Islam but I also speak of different religions. I will explain similarities and differences to the children. I will make my presentation interactive by including games and quizzes.

★ About me
★ What is Islam
★ What Islam means to me
★ Day in my life as a Muslim
★ Struggles faced by Muslims
★ Joys experienced by Muslims
★ What I am passionate and care about

Monday 14.00-16.00
Wednesday 9.00-10.00
Friday 14.00-16.00

Week two
Monday: 10:30-12:00

Me and My Mosques

In my presentation, I will be talking about Mosques - what they are including
their features, their significance and relate it to the religion of Islam. Moreover, I will be making
comparative links between other religions and different places of worship for example Christianity and
the Church.

★ Who am I?
★ What is Islam? / Introduction to Mosques
★ Different features
★ Different places of worship
★ Calls to prayer
★ Why might people go to the mosque?
★ Preparing for prayer
★ Men and women in the mosque
★ Why might people pray?
★ Question time

Tuesday 11:00 - 13:00
Wednesday 9:00 - 11:00
Thursday 9:00 - 11:00

Combined presentation on Islam and many faiths

How do religions respond to a difficult situation in life?

My presentation focuses on how different religions deal with difficult periods in an individual’s life. Learning how to deal with them and how religions suggest you react are amazing lessons for these primary school kids to learn. These lessons will prepare them for the many hurdles of life when grow older.
This is a very personal and sensitive topic to be delivering to young students but I plan to deliver the session in a manner that will be appropriate to their age. I will aim to make the learning fun and interactive. The message being conveyed to them will be that even though religions have a lot in common and many differences, they all have something to say about how people can try to maintain inner peace.

★ The difficult moments in a person’s life (related to more a of primary school child’s perspective)
★ Ways in which dealing with frustration and difficult times
★ How Buddhism responds to difficult situations
★ How Christianity responds to difficult situations
★ How Hinduism responds to difficult situations
★ How Judaism responds to difficult situations
★ How Atheism responds to difficult situations
★ How Islam responds to difficult situations
★ More on Islam and my faith
★ Include an overall comparison

Week 1:
Monday: 9:00-10:40
Tuesday: 10:40-15:15
Wednesday: 9:00-10:40
Friday: 9:00-12:35
Week 2:
Monday: 9:00-10:40
Tuesday: 9:00-12:35
Wednesday: 13:25-15:15
Thursday: 13:25-15:15
Friday: 11:00-12:35

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