Over 2,300 teachers have been trained using the 'Understanding Christianity' resource

Posted by: Marketing Team, 19 December 2016

Understanding Christianity is a new resource which seeks to develop and enhance the quality of teaching about Christianity in RE in all schools, raising the standards of pupil achievement.

Since the launch in the May this year over 2,300 teachers have been trained on the resources and we are starting to see the impact in RE classrooms across the country. Lively launch events have been followed up with twilight support sessions, and teachers are seizing the opportunity presented by these great resources to do some great RE! From EYFS to Key Stage 3, and in Church schools, Community schools and Academies, the feedback from teachers (and pupils!) is very positive:

Understanding Christianity has given me the confidence to deliver fun and engaging RE. Our early years children have really grasped the concepts so far and have shown a much deeper understanding than I would have expected at such a young age. So I asked my class about the new RE lessons so far…

It made me feel like the world is amazing.
When I went home I saw the Creation in the walls and the trees and the grass and in the sky.
I love learning it.
That’s pretty good for 4 year olds!’

‘The general feeling from my staff is that the resources and planning have captured the children’s imagination, created enthusiasm and deepened their understanding.’

‘Staff were all very impressed with the training and are keen to start using the materials. Our aim is to dip into them for the rest of this academic year and start using them formally in 2017-18 once we have had a chance to look at them in more depth and plan for their place in the RE curriculum.’

‘I think the Understanding Christianity is really effective. The fact that it is concept-based allows for pupils to gain a clear theological understanding through their engagement with biblical texts. Additionally, pupils are able to then consider a diversity of ways that these theological concepts are lived out in contemporary Christendom.

For more information, or to find a trainer near you contact or visit: to find out more about the project and see some of the great resources.

Understanding Christianity is a Church of England Education Office project working in partnership with Culham St, Gabriel’s, The Jerusalem Trust, Sir Halley Stewart Trust and RE Today services.

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