RE teachers’ engagement with research

Culham St Gabriel’s and the Graduate School of Education, University of Exeter are collaborating on a research study exploring RE teachers’ engagement with research. Culham St Gabriel’s Research for RE strategy and wider discourses surround CPD, have emphasised the valuable role that research can play in teachers’ professional development and practice. However, deeper understanding is needed about the range of ways RE teachers engage with research, access it, mediate it, interpret it, and use it to inform practice within school contexts. In order to gain a deeper understanding of how and why RE teachers engage with educational research, and how that engagement with research informs their practice, we would like to talk to teachers.

This is where you come in. If you teach RE in a primary, middle or secondary school in England or Wales and would like to get involved in this project, please contact Samantha Brown (research assistant) at the University of Exeter on

Participation would involve a virtual interview, lasting approximately one hour.

We hope to hear from you, even if you would just like to find out a bit more about the project before making a decision to participate.

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