Primary RE 1000

NATRE has a new project to help schools who recognise the need to improve their RE provision. This innovative project responds to a very significant need in RE: that thousands of primary schools struggle to provide good RE for all pupils. The project will enable 1000 primary schools to offer ‘Better RE’ – which means: RE for thinking, creativity, standards and challenge.

The project has been designed to challenge, support and inspire primary schools where RE provision needs to change and improve the RE opportunities they give to pupils.

The three-year project has two phases. We have already raised funds for and commenced phase one.

Schools who get involved will be able to register as project members with the support of their senior leaders and a named teacher who will champion RE in the school.

Better RE will give schools targeted help and practical support, an online RE resource pack which includes a plethora of high-quality resources including the best online materials, great practical lesson ideas, planning guidance and support with subject knowledge, a sample policy statement, an audit tool and numerous ready to use learning ideas. We will aim to connect schools involved to their local NATRE teacher group and years two and three will see regional RE conferences for the teachers involved as well.

NATRE has wide and long experience in supporting schools and responds to research and inspection findings about the low quality of RE in too many schools. We want all pupils to have access to good RE. A strength of this project is that it has been developed from the ideas of primary NATRE executive members, serving teachers of RE, local group leaders and grassroots activists.

National Plan for RE? The RE Commission (CoRE) Report recommends a National Plan for RE. That will need government support. But our ideas in this project would be of interest to anyone setting a national plan in motion, perhaps seen as a small-scale primary prototype of what a national plan might achieve.

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