BIC Celebrates Global Education Week By Honoring 10 Educators In Second Year Of BIC Cristal Pen Awards

We are delighted to report that NATRE Primary Vice Chair Naomi Anstice has won an international award for her RE work in the BIC Cristal Pen Awards.

' To celebrate Global Education Week, BIC is honoring 10 exceptional educators around the world with BIC Cristal Pen Awards. BIC launched the awards program in 2020 to recognize educators who exemplify BIC values by bringing joy to the hearts of children every day, inspiring and preparing the next generation to thrive.

BIC is a proud supporter of educational programs and is committed to improving the learning conditions of 250 million children globally by 2025 as part of the company'sWriting the Future, Together program. As of 2020, BIC has already cumulatively helped 118 million children as part of its goal.'

Naomi won one of the European awards:

' Naomi is an Assistant Head Teacher at Frodsham Manor House Primary where she has taught for over 20 years with a focus on helping children become good local and global citizens. As a Religious Education teacher, she creates lessons for all community primary schools in her region which aim to encourage global awareness including diversity, antiracism, sustainability, respect for all. Among other activities, she runs teacher workshops, supports individual schools and organizes pupil conferences where up to ten schools send children to learn about a different focus linked to religious education, like Islamophobia to encourage children to be future changemakers and peacekeepers.'

Fiona Moss, Chief Executive Officer of NATRE, said:

' NATRE are pleased to see that the excellent work of Naomi Anstice has been recognised. The work she does to improve pupil understanding of the complexity of the different religions and worldviews around us all, as well as making sense of their own worldview, is second to none. She is thoroughly deserving of this award. Congratulations Naomi.'

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