NATRE Curriculum Symposium: expression of interest

NATRE is excited to announce that it will be running a 24-hour residential curriculum symposium in Autumn. We have been planning to run this for almost a year but took the decision to wait until it can be run as a face-to-face event as we want to create a curriculum learning community.

There will only be 25 places for delegates therefore we will be running an application process as we want to attract delegates from a variety of school types and at a variety of stages on their curriculum design journey for RE/Religion and worldviews.

As part of the symposium, we will hear from both experts and practitioners in the area of curriculum design generally and curriculum design in for RE/Religion and worldviews. As part of the process there will be tasks to complete before the symposium that will be shared with other delegates to prepare for our time in the learning community. There is also an expectation that all delegates will provide a write up of their learning and subsequent curriculum development in early 2022.

Parts of this event will be filmed and written up so that this symposium, or aspects of it, can be replicated in NATRE local groups, departments, and local hubs. This face-to-face event and the subsequent legacy materials for use by others is generously supported by Westhill and CSTG.

Please fill in the expression of interest form here..

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