Guidance for teacher representatives on SACREs using school websites to support their evaluation of RE

Many SACREs routinely conduct surveys of school websites as a means of monitoring provision for RE in schools. These reviews should be conducted within the context of government guidelines about what schools must publish about their curriculum online in Academies and Maintained Schools. The NATRE national executive conducted a small scale investigation into the way that Religious Education is represented on school websites and found some wonderful examples of methods of helping those outside the school, including parents, appreciate the importance of RE, what is taught and how.

NATRE would like to offer the following set of criteria as support for this monitoring exercise. They may also be useful to schools reviewing their curriculum. The criteria reflect the views of the National Executive of what constitutes best practice currently. We would be delighted to hear from those with suggestions for improving this document.

Members can download the suggested criteria here.

More support for SACRE teacher reps

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