The government has appointed a Faith Engagement Adviser, Colin Bloom. He has launched an open consultation to collect views that will underpin a Faith Engagement Review. He is particularly interested in hearing from these groups of people:

1. Members of the public who identify as having a religion, or people who have a faith.
Faith and Religious leaders (voluntary or professional) in places of worship or faith-based organisations and charities.
2. Public servants such as Civil Servants, teachers, the police and healthcare workers.
3. Anyone who is or has been engaged with the British Military in any capacity.
4. Anyone who is or has been engaged in the Criminal Justice System in any capacity.

There is a specific question in the consultation that relates to Religious Education as follows:

If we want the government to address the issues affecting Religious Education that are comprehensively set out and evidenced in the Commission on RE, I think we need as many teachers as possible to respond to this survey explaining:

(a) the potential of RE– especially in relation to this specific question of providing “a good understanding of different faiths and beliefs”

(b) the impact of government policy on our abilities as teachers to deliver the best RE to all pupils in all schools (in a context where DfE data[1] shows 41% of all schools report providing no time for RE in year 11)

(c) What you believe needs to be done to re-establish Religious Education in the curriculum

If you or your colleagues would like to complete this consultation questionnaire the link is

The consultation closes on 11th December.

[1] School workforce data published in July 2020

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