A level results 2020

NATRE was disappointed to hear of so many instances of students missing their university places because of the way A level results were awarded. Too many teachers have reported too many examples of results that have been significantly downgraded to the detriment of students’ options for the future.

NATRE believes that there were better ways in which this process could have been managed, ways that would have avoided the stress caused to young people at such a crucial time, and ways that would have taken more account of the work that students had done in the last two years.

We call on the government, Ofqual and the exam boards to immediately announce the details of a 48 hour appeals process that is free and fair to all students, ensuring that all students in all parts of the UK have equal access to higher education and other future pathways.

NATRE would also like to be reassured that the government, Ofqual and the exam boards are making preparations to ensure that the announcement of GCSE results next week avoids repeating this mismanagement.

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