Government consultation response: Implementing the English Baccalaureate

Posted by: Marketing Team, 31 July 2017

NATRE notes the long awaited response to the Government consultation on the English Baccalaureate. We are well aware that the introduction of the English Baccalaureate and the change in accountability measures in secondary schools has resulted in many more pupils not receiving their statutory entitlement to RE at Key Stage 4. However we were pleased to read in paragraph 72 of the Government Response to the Consultation on the EBacc, a reminder to schools that RE must be taught to all pupils until the end of key stage 5 and that a qualification such as GCSE SHOULD be offered at the end of key stage 4.
NATRE looks forward to continuing to work with the Department for Education and its ministers to ensure that school accountability measures including performance tables and inspections are soon in place that have the effect that this expectation is met in all state funded schools.
Fiona Moss, Executive Officer NATRE.

Despite what the government continually says in answers to questions in parliament and in this response, NATRE know that there are a large number of pupils who do not receive their entitlement to RE and therefore are not religiously literate. It is essential that pupils in 2017 are prepared for the modern world, religious literacy is an indisputable part of this. There is much more that the DFE can do and we look forward to working with them on this.

NATRE believes that it is essential to reward those schools that take their pupils entitlement to high quality religious education seriously and to hold to account those that neglect the subject and so fail to prepare students adequately for life in the modern world.

Read the full document here: Implementing_the_EBacc_Government_Consultation_Response

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