Report on EBacc is published

Posted by: Rosemary, 28 July 2011

Think again about EBacc, say MPs
The English Baccalaureate should not have been introduced before the National Curriculum Review was completed, according to a cross-party group of MPs.

In a report published today the Education Select Committee suggests that any new performance or curriculum measures affecting schools should only be implemented after proper consultation with key stakeholders and the wider public – something which didn’t happen with the EBac. The Committee says that the Government should also have waited until after the conclusion of the National Curriculum Review before introducing the EBac.

The Chairman of the Committee, Graham Stuart MP, said: “We want the Government to deliver on its promise in the White Paper – The Importance of Teaching – to use performance tables to put greater emphasis on the progress of every child. We don’t think we are there yet and feel that, for now, the EBac is not part of a balanced score card. Instead it risks focusing schools on those children who are on the border line of achieving the EBac at the expense of others both below and above that threshold.”

For furher details and a copy of the report see below:

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