Dispelling some myths about SACRE funding

Posted by: Marketing Team, 26 October 2017

NATRE members who serve on SACREs often contact NATRE about problems with funding. There seems to be a certain amount of misinformation being shared suggesting that Local Authorities no longer receive funding for SACREs and Agreed Syllabus Conferences. This is simply not true. The document below from NATRE sets out the facts about funding and includes references to statutory documents. We hope it helps you to ensure that SACRE receives the funding that National Government intends you to receive to carry out your duties.

As SACRE funding is provided as part of a grant that covers a number of duties that Local Authorities must provide, NATRE would be keen to hear from individuals about the amount of funding that is being provided as a percentage of the overall grant. We will work with NASACRE (The National Association of SACREs) to collate this information and take steps help to encourage reasonable decisions about the funding of SACREs and Agreed Syllabus Conferences.

Funding for SACREs 2017

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