A new adviser joins RE Today: introducing Kate Christopher

Posted by: Marketing, 04 June 2014


We’re really pleased to announce the appointment of Kate Christopher as RE Today’s new national adviser, following the retirement last year of Rosemary Rivett. Kate was appointed in late February after we received the largest field of candidates for an adviser post we have ever had.

Her wide experience in RE from community school, to pupil referral unit and boy’s grammar school and her exceptional service on the NATRE national executive combine to give Kate excellent starting points in the work of an RE Adviser. She joins the team at a time when we are working on a widening range of contracts and training / CPD all over the country, so we are glad now to have an adviser in the south East of England. Expect to meet Kate at an RE event near you, soon.

Commenting on joining RE Today, she says: ‘After years of using RE Today’s excellent teaching resources and articles in my classroom, it is immensely exciting to have the opportunity to serve RE teachers. I love RE Today’s brand of rigorous, creative and innovative RE, and can’t wait to join the team.’

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