26 short films for 11-14s in the ‘A-Z of Religion’

Posted by: Marketing Team, 24 August 2017

New RE programmes from BBC for 11-14s

BBC have made new secondary RE programmes to address both a gap in current teacher resource provision and also to respond to teachers’ feedback about the type of resources they need to deliver RE. The secondary programmes are an A-Z of world religions and belief, covering subjects as diverse as religious clothing, extremism, the distribution of wealth and more philosophical themes.

Teachers will value these new RE resources: there is a wide representation of the UK’s different faith groups. They have had input from faith leaders and teachers during the production process to ensure they will be of maximum benefit in the classroom and meet the different curriculum requirements of RE teaching. The programming will enable some fun RE. The secondary clips use a contemporary animation style, and a light tone to cover some deep stuff. think the chosen subject matter will provide a great springboard to learning about different faiths and beliefs, as well as a stimulus for engaging classroom debate.

These new films are now available on BBC Teach.

Lat Blaylock, RE Today Adviser has been involved as a consultant in making the series, he comments:

‘I’m really glad BBC have made these new programmes, and hope teachers will use them widely. I’m pleased with the content and style. We are currently making 26 lesson ideas, so watch this space. You could use them for a whole term’s homework of supported self study!’

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