FREE Support Materials for RVE in Wales

With the generous support of Partneriaeth and the Westhill Endowment, we are pleased to bring you a range of free support materials for RVE.

These materials are intended to give you ideas and inspiration to help you build a bespoke RVE curriculum for learners at your school. We have worked closely with teachers and other RVE professionals in Wales to ensure that these resources are helpful and align with the principles of the Curriculum for Wales.

We are delighted that these support materials are in the process of being translated into Welsh so that they can be available to all learners and teachers across Wales.


This is work in progress, and we will make new resources available as they are written.

Webinars - coming soon

We will be producing two pre-recorded webinars (1 hour each) to help you to make the most of these support materials. These will be hosted by the authors, Lat Blaylock and Angela Hill.

Please complete this short form to access and download these free materials You can also register your interest in the forthcoming webinars here, too.

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