RE Today continues to work extensively with schools, initial teacher training providers and other RE professionals across Wales and we now have a full-time adviser based in the Principality.

All of our advisers are keen to engage with even more teachers and learners in Wales and are excited at the prospect of supporting schools to deliver the very best RE within the new curriculum context.

Welsh Government Guidance for Religion, Values and Ethics now available!

Welsh Government has now published its Religion, Values and Ethics (RVE) Guidance, as well as a summary of legislation relating to RVE.

These can be read in full here:

Guidance for Religion, Values and Ethics

Legislative Summary on Religion, Values and Ethics

Facebook group for RVE teachers

With support from RE Advisers in Wales, we have set up a community driven Facebook group for teachers of RVE. It's purpose is for teachers in Wales who will have a responsibility for RVE or who will be working in the Humanities AoLE to share resources, offer advice and support and to share best practice. The group has over 200 members - come and join us!

Religion, Values and Ethics (RVE) Wales Facebook group

(NB: This group is intended to offer support and networking opportunities for teachers and other RVE professionals IN Wales. Teachers in other areas of the UK will find lots of broader groups available.)

Click the drop down to access resources:

Resources for your classroom

BBC Bitesize WJEC GCSE Religious Studies revision materials

Blended Learning resources for GCSE RS:

Unit 3 Catholicism The afterlife

Unit 3 Catholicism The Bible

Unit 2 Special places

Unit 2 The sacraments and key acts of worship

Unit 2 Christianity The Bible

Additional resources can be found here.

Interested in Welsh medium training or resources?

We are always looking for ways to make our consultancy and training more accessible to a wider range of teachers and students. Working with trusted partners we may be able to provide some of our services in Welsh. To discuss this further please email Angela Hill, RE Adviser on

Course and consultancy directory

Case Study:

Succeed at GCSE RS in Wales

School/Organisation Name:

Secondary teachers in Wales

What did they need?

The course focuses on ways to help teachers successfully manage the demands of the more content-rich and academically demanding GCSE RS specification.

Working with RE Today

This one-day GCSE course is designed to meet the requirements of the WJEC specification for Wales. The RE Adviser worked with teachers with varying levels of experience and who work in very different contexts. Equipping them with ready-to-use learning and teaching resources and ideas, the day was full of discussion, modelling of classroom activities and ideas for strategic planning.

How did we do?

Lisa James, Curriculum Leader for Religion and Philosophy at Cardiff High School

“A fantastic day! Lots of ideas and resources to take and use straight away. Plenty of practical suggestions for helping student to achieve the best grades even if you are pushed for time. Excellent value and I would highly recommend to anyone teaching GCSE RS in Wales.”

Angela Hill

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