We work closely with funders who have a desire to support RE in schools to help with school improvement, providing them with essential knowledge, expertise and resources to deliver projects with all types of schools, in the UK or in a specific geographic region. We have experience in:

  • Running large scale strategic projects
  • Coordinating multiple funders
  • Bespoke consultancy services

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Read our case study below, to get a flavour of some of the projects that we have delivered for funders.

Case Study:

Understanding Christianity roll-out

School/Organisation Name:

Saint Peter’s Saltley Trust

What did they need?

Understanding Christianity was developed to meet the urgent need for high quality resources, to support the teaching about Christianity in all schools in England and Wales. The resource has proven extremely successful, reaching over one million pupils within two years of its launch. However, this success has been achieved through partnership with approx. five thousand schools and funding support was needed to take the next step to reach a further thousand.

Working with RE Today

St Peter’s Saltley Trust awarded a grant of around £10,000 to enable the roll-out of Understanding Christianity with 15 community schools. RE Today was able to work closely with the funder to match its project needs with Saint Peter’s Saltley Trust funding conditions and restrictions: all schools funded by the grant will be in the wider West Midlands region covered by the Trust’s remit.

How did we do?

Dr Ian Jones, Director, Saint Peter’s Saltley Trust

'The Trust is very pleased to support the extension of this national project within our region of benefit, to support more local schools to take the opportunities afforded by the Understanding Christianity resource. We are delighted to be working with RE Today who are flexible in ensuring that our funding requirements are met whilst delivering the project.'

Understanding Christianity roll out


Excellent RE
Understanding Christianity
Words beyond Words
Free Churches association
Spirited Arts


Culhams St Gabriel’s (CSTG)
Jerusalem Trust (JT) and Porticus
JT / CSTG / Sir Halley Stewart Trust
Westhill Endowment Trust
All Saints Educational Trust

Future funding opportunities

We have some exciting new projects coming up, as well as existing projects which you may wish to be involved in:

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  • Understanding Hinduism
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  • New2RE
  • Strategic RE and schools improvement
  • The delivery of Understanding Christianity in schools
  • Sponsorship Strictly RE

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