What we do

We are committed to the teaching of the major world faiths and also non-religious worldviews in Religious Education, to an accurate and fair representation of their beliefs, values and practices in all of our teaching materials.

We work in the UK and internationally to give children a broad and balanced education to support them in the world they live in, through the teaching of high-quality RE in schools.

We support teachers in ALL types of schools; primary, secondary, middle, first, independent, through, academies, free, grammar, community, MATs, schools with a religious character and more. We do this through;

*BJRE is owned by Christian Education, which is the sister organisation of RE Today. RE Today distributes BJRE through its termly mailing and provides online access via NATRE membership.

RE Today offers consultancy to schools, local authorities and councils, and on occasion will interact with young people. View our Safeguarding Policy here.

Strictly RE: Saturday 27 - Sunday 28 January 2024

Join NATRE's annual online conference themed around 'Building a Subject for the Future' for Religious Education.

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Book your place for two days of interactive sessions and inspiring talks, gain invaluable insights, share ideas, and connect with fellow educators passionate about religious education, plus so much more!

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