Stephen Pett

Stephen Pett, National RE Adviser

Stephen is a primary and secondary specialist. Before joining RE Today Stephen was an RE subject leader for 14 years, seven of those as an Advanced Skills Teacher. As an AST he was part of a project with Oxford University applying the findings of neuroscience to education. This remains an interest as he seeks to apply research to the development of training and resources that support effective teaching and learning.

As an RE Adviser Stephen provides training and consultancy internationally. He is adviser to three local authorities, supporting the work of RE through SACRE consultancy and school-focused work. He is Series Editor for RE Today’s secondary curriculum books, as well as writing and editing other publications including 'Religious Education: The Teacher’s Guide'; 'Talking Pictures' and 'Share a story With'; and 'The Bible: The Big Story'. He led the development and is Editor of Understanding Christianity: Text Impact Connections, a major resource supporting teachers in primary and secondary classrooms.

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