Fiona Moss

Fiona Moss, National RE Adviser

Fiona is a primary specialist. Before joining RE Today as National RE Adviser she was a primary teacher for 15 years and then the RE and SACRE Curriculum Adviser for Leicester City council. She also advised in other areas such as SEAL, Literacy, and Gifted and Talented. She has written and edited a variety of publications designed to support primary RE teachers, including Agreed Syllabuses and curriculum resources.

She is currently the Editor of RE Today’s Primary RE series 'Inspiring RE', edited 'RE Ideas' and 'Opening up RE', has co-written 'Body & Soul', a relationship education resource for 9-11 year olds and has edited 'Share a Story with...' for 4-7 year olds. She was also one of the writers for the Understanding Christianity resource.

She trains hundreds of teachers each year in schools and through our consultancy service she works with local authorities and dioceses across the country and worldwide. Fiona is also the Executive Officer for NATRE, and is well-known in this context for her support of local groups of teachers, and her involvement in RE at a national level, lobbying to the government to support RE.

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