Angela Hill

Angela Hill, National RE Adviser

Angela joins us with over a decade of experience as an RE teacher, as well as a background in the financial services industry. Most recently, she taught at one of Wales’ most successful secondary schools, where she was a Lead Practitioner for the Central South Consortium’s Curriculum Hub having previously served as Head of RE and as Head of Year 12. In addition to being an experienced RE teacher, Angela also undertook a successful national project for Wales’ longest-established educational charity, the Council for Education in World Citizenship (CEWC), where she developed an expertise in Philosophy for Children, working with primary and secondary schools across Wales.

Angela has extensive knowledge of external examinations in Religious Studies in England in Wales. As well as being a longstanding examiner, she has provided training throughout England for Eduqas and has undertaken extensive consultancy and authorship contracts to support the reformed qualifications. She has also co-authored commercial textbooks to support the new GCSE in Wales.

Since joining RE Today, Angela has written student-facing resources for the BBC, and has provided well-received training and consultancy packages for a wide range of clients including schools, local authorities/SACREs and even a production company.

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