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Locally Agreed Syllabus

We provide a full range of Agreed Syllabus services to support SACREs in this statutory duty.

We can provide a fully managed service for Locally Agreed Syllabus production, including drafting and managing approval and adoption of the Locally Agreed Syllabus, print and production, and delivery of Syllabus launch conference and follow up events.

The RE Today team have been involved in writing the Locally Agreed Syllabus for over 30 SACREs across England, and we bring a wide range of experience at both Primary and Secondary phases to support our clients. In particular, we can advise on the most effective way to combine local RE requirements with national guidelines and legislation, to achieve the best quality RE outcomes for the SACRE.

We also offer a fast ­track process to support SACREs where the timescale or available budget do not allow for a fully bespoke local syllabus.

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Theme: RE and Research

In this issue:

  • ‘Dear England’ – Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell is interviewed, and gives his response to pupils’ own classwork inspired by his letter to the nation
  • 30+ active RE lesson ideas for 4–19s using research
  • Professional REflection: academic research applied to the RE classroom
  • Prince of Egypt: Y3 pupils interview Luke Brady, star of the West End musical, plus lots of other great ideas around the story of Moses for 5-14s
  • Buddhism and tolerance: the way of the Buddha, with suggestions for class discussion
  • Inside a faith: a Muslim, Christian, Humanist, Buddhist and Hindu provide their perspectives on how their religions and worldviews can be authentically represented in RE
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Client Support

'RE Today have helped us to develop RE within our school and local community of schools. It is great to have the whole teaching staff working on RE in an INSET day for a reasonable cost that can be shared by inviting other local schools. Excellent value for money!'

Debbie Williams
Wenlock C of E Junior School

School Support

' 'The Bible: The Big Story' covers RE in Key Stage 3 for 11–14 year olds - in some ways the hardest age-group to motivate. GCSE is still some way off, and the joyous enthusiasm of primary school years is beginning to fade. 'Big Society, big story', this is a lovely volume to which no one could possibly object. The book is worth every penny.'

Dennis Richards
Church Times

News & Events

'I have been teaching RE for 12 years and this was by far the best CPD I have ever had. I really liked that I could choose which seminars to go to (although I wish I could have gone to even more). It was really specific to my needs as an RE teacher and head of department, which often other CPD is not.'

Jenny Savage
Pleckgate High School

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