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Locally Agreed Syllabus

We provide a full range of Agreed Syllabus services to support SACREs in this statutory duty.

We can provide a fully managed service for Locally Agreed Syllabus production, including drafting and managing approval and adoption of the Locally Agreed Syllabus, print and production, and delivery of Syllabus launch conference and follow up events.

The RE Today team have been involved in writing the Locally Agreed Syllabus for over 30 SACREs across England, and we bring a wide range of experience at both Primary and Secondary phases to support our clients. In particular, we can advise on the most effective way to combine local RE requirements with national guidelines and legislation, to achieve the best quality RE outcomes for the SACRE.

We also offer a fast ­track process to support SACREs where the timescale or available budget do not allow for a fully bespoke local syllabus.

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LATEST EDITION: REtoday Issue September 2023

Messy Religion and Belief

Highlights from this issue:

    • The Singh Twins: contemporary British artists explain their distinctive 'Past-modern' style, which draws on a range of historical, cultural and religious influences
      The Philosopher's Daughters: author Peter Vardy on young people's big questions
    • Messiness of understanding: grasping diversity in RE
    • Paganism for the RE classroom: a colourful complexity
    • World wonders: a breathtaking religious site in Uzbekistan
    • Professional REflection: what next for RE?

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Client Support

'RE Today brings a wealth of expertise and commitment to the work of SACRE in encouraging, reviewing and producing materials which are relevant, easy to navigate and creative as well as being both teacher and pupil friendly. RE Today has a wealth of experience we find invaluable.'

Ken Johnson
Nottinghamshire SCARE

School Support

'As a Muslim teacher of primary aged pupils, I was highly impressed by the content of this book! The lesson ideas are highly relevant and engaging for all. I love that the planned activities are hands on where pupils are kept active and constantly thinking: a real gem for deeper thinking! I highly recommend it!'

Saima Saleh
Ravenscote Junior School

News & Events

'I found the 'Practical Primary RE' course to be engaging, full of practical ideas, relevant and a chance to share ideas with other teachers.'

Lindsay Fisher
Thomas's Academy, Kensington

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