Tackling Tough Questions

Tackling Tough Questions

Tackling Tough Questions Video
RE Today’s new resource explores Evil, Suffering, and Death, challenging the big questions in the RE exam syllabus for 14-19 year olds with young people explaining their faith perspectives in their own words.

By Professor Russell Stannard, the very best writer of science books for children, according to The Independent, RE Today Adviser Lat Blaylock and David Poyser.

85-minute DVD

Contains 3 programmes and a postscript using original stories from British young people of different faiths.
Presents vivid scenes illustrating issues directly relevant to the lives of young people.
Airs a range of viewpoints through interviews and voice-overs, as young people are given the chance to express their own beliefs.

Classroom-ready activities

The DVD is supported by a 40-page, full-colour booklet of classroom-ready teaching and learning activities.
Written by Lat Blaylock, this comprehensive pack of lesson ideas applies the best active learning and thinking skills approaches to the topics of the DVD.

‘No important question is ignored, very well done indeed!’
Lord Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury

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