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REtoday magazine is published three times a year in September, January and April by RE Today Services and is edited by Lat Blaylock. This termly, full colour magazine provides you with all the latest RE news, developments and reviews along with classroom ideas and activities. Professional REflection – the journal of NATRE, offers informed comment on the theory and practice of RE.

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RE Today works in collaboration with NATRE to provide professional management services. Together we want to equip teachers of RE with high-quality RE resources and support to ensure pupils are receiving a broad and balanced curriculum.

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Spring 2020

REtoday Spring 2020

This term's theme: Intent, implementation, impact in RE

The January 2020 issue ofREtodayresponds to the new Ofsted inspection framework for schools in England, which asks simple questions: what's the intention of school's curriculum planning? how is it implemented? What's the impact on pupil's learning and achievement?

These are not just good questions for inspection, but for all RE, so in this edition we examine the ways in which RE frames intentions, implements aims and assess outcomes and their impact.

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Editor: Lat Blaylock Email: lat@retoday.org.uk
Publications Manager: Nick Clarke
Editorial Team: Lizzie McWhirter (Events)
Kate Christopher
Julie Grove
Chris Boxley
Ed Pawson

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